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My Style Shoot Experience

So Jacqueline's Event Planning first annual wedding style shoot was held on Saturday, August 31st, in Windsor, CT. What a great experience and a learning one.

The overall objective was to give creatives/vendors the opportunity to market their brands and foster future collaboration. The responses were very engaging and everyone came on board. However, one lesson I learned was, talent is not a substitute for business integrity. When you are in business and put yourself and business out in the public eye, you now have to operate as a professional, not a perfectionist but a professional. I'm happy and grateful I had more professional business people and hope the others improve as well rounded business professionals.

The day was beautiful and I got an early start but one more lesson I learned, was to do more prepping before the big day. Also organizing my decors more effectively, and definitely a good size dolly for all the heavy items.

It was a great learning experience and we look forward to making this an annual event, expanding on themes.

Thanks again to Allison Gentle of Gentle.Events, her floral work reigns supreme, Avery Beamon, of Avery Cakes, with her delicious samples of cupcakes along with the wedding cake, Sandra Henry of Tre's Cosmetics for the great work with the makeup, JT Ghamo for sponsoring the groom, (Chevaughn Watkins) tuxedo, Norma Thomas for creating the bride, (Kennedy Walker) wedding dress, Ricardo McDonald of Dagood Chef for the delicious pasta(s) with a variety of selections, Dale Burke for sponsoring the tables, Clive Garrison of CG Home Improvement for sponsoring the chairs, creating the backdrop and building the added ambiance of the bridge, DJ Kirk for the wonderful music, Mark Milward for capturing the essence of the day/ theme, "simple elegance," the many volunteers, especially Janel Henry, Janelle Williams, Laneka Walker, who help to get the job done and lastly but definitely not lease, Dorothy Cassalles for allowing us to utilize her amazing back yard.

Excited to see who from the list of prospects that will feature our shoot via their blogs or print (magazine).

We have started the brain storming for the theme for next year. If you are a singer, dancer, creative, etc., we may be reaching out to you. See you all next year.

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