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A Design Style Quiz

One of the first question(s) I ask a prospective interior decorating client is, what is your design style? What style speaks to you? And of course, most have no idea. So to get the ball rolling I decided to create a style quiz. Using quizzes to help get some basic information about a person's needs have been used in so many forms, so I thought why not use it to help clients get to a starting point in their design style journey.

This design style quiz is used to ascertain what colors, shapes, furniture, etc. that appeals to one's personal taste. It's almost like a person's personality, a combination of different characteristics. With this being said, people's style changes and people also have more that one design style that they like. Giving your client a design quiz, I believe, take away the stress and uncertainty.

Tell your client to take the quiz without feeling rushed. Get in a quiet place with pen or pencil and be really honest with them self. There is also an option to have a first and second choice, this helps with mixing and matching decor styles.

Here are a few of my design style questions I ask.

  1. Do you prefer straight or curved lines?

  2. Your favorite room in your home is?

  3. Are you scared of colors or do you embrace colors?

  4. Your favorite store to shop for home furnishings?

  5. Your favorite store to shop for furniture?

  6. Do you enjoy shopping for paint color(s)?

  7. Would you rather a house or condo living?

  8. Your favorite textile?

  9. Carpet or hard surface for flooring?

  10. If you had to choose a plant to put in a room, what would it be?

I give the answers points, client adds up the points and I then share the result of their design style. Each style is named and the design theme broken down explaining the design concept and textiles used in each design.

Again, this is just a way of helping clients who have no clue what they like or simply a mechanism for potential clients to not stress about being undecisive. I also ask for a picture of what their ideal home would look like. Remember, a home is a representation of you, your personality.

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