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Feng Shui Again (Part II)

So again, Feng Shui is the Chinese art practice that focuses on the balance and harmony of energies in your home and business space.

The five elements are:






Here are some ideas to Feng Shui your home starting with the kitchen.

The kitchen is said to be a symbol of prosperity. So make sure it is an important aspect in your home. Your kitchen should be clutter-free; use simple storage solutions so you can have more workspace.

Herb gardens add calm and beauty to your kitchen.

According to the law of Feng Shui, it is bad luck to have your kitchen and bathroom doors facing each other. It is said when the two doors are opposite each other the energies flows in and out faster.

The Dining Room brings family, friends and guests together so keep it balance by optimizing the space. Place a large mirror facing the table (make sure it is high enough so others aren't looking at themselves). It is said to bring forth good fortune and abundance.

Also you should keep something on the dining table; fruits are a good choice. Placement of the dining table is also important. Most people do not like to sit with their backs to open doorways and windows. If possible, place your table so people can have their back to a wall.

The Living Room is where most of family time is spent. Your sofa, coffee table, etc. should not be too large in the room. The furniture should work in harmony. There is no right or wrong with the arrangement but your sofa should be pushed up against a wall. It is important to have a mix of different shapes; such as a round coffee table with a square shape sofa and other oval and square items to balance out the room.

To encourage a great flow of energy, place a lamp in the corner of your room diagonally opposite the room's entry.

The Bedroom signifies our health and relationships. With the layout of the bedroom, place your bed against a solid wall where you can see your door. It is very important to avoid placing mirror(s) opposite your bed, it enhance arguments with your significant other. Avoid running electrical cords behind your bed, look for a battery-operated radio if needed and keep phones out of the bedroom.

If hanging a painting above your bed hang it high and make it something you love; something to elevate your mood. Think calm colors and soft shapes. Keep your bedroom and closet doors closed at night.

Do not keep clutter and storage under your bed, if you have storage make sure it is clean linen or clothes. We have all heard to remove TV, computers and electronics from the bedroom. They bring in the energy of work and stress into a space that should be harmonious.

Make your bedroom space warm and inviting with soft and cozy textures, Do not use red in the bedroom. It is very yang and can affect your quality of sleep.

Most of us loves plants but it is not recommended in the bedroom unless it's a large room and should be kept far away from the bed as possible.

Bathrooms present many Feng Shui challenges as they store negative energy. Keep your bathroom clean, Declutter and select the necessities, look for earthly products and keep it neat and orderly. White and other light colors are great choices for the bathroom as they are fresh. White helps to cut through confusion and slowness. Avoid blue and black, they strengthen the energy you want to control. Keep toilet lids down and door shut. Plants can help to improve the Feng Shui.

Office Space is also part of your home, so balance the energy there also. Always position your desk or working spaces with a view than facing a wall; walls hinder creativity.

Bring in plants, foliage and flora. Plants will help with concentration and increase positive energy, positive feelings, stress reduction and innovate your thinking.

Did you know crystals play a huge part in Feng Shui? Crystals break electrical waves transmitted by computers, phones and technical devices. Neutralize negative energy by placing them next to water throughout your home. Another addition with crystals are chandeliers. The reflective metals in chandeliers helps to keep your space calm. You can also maintain the essence of abundance by placing a small water fountain near your main entry door.

Lastly color plays an important role when it comes to Feng Shui; gold promotes prosperity and red represent wealth. Attract your desired outcome by using suitable colors into your home and space.

Whether you are into Feng Shui or not, we all seek peace, calmness and positive energy in our surroundings. So take from the list what is important to you and Happy Feng Shui

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