Choosing the Right Layout 

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Choosing the right layout plan for an event depends on the type of event being held. You should have a general idea how you would like to design the space before finalizing the floorplan, ordering tables, chairs, etc.

Knowing the guest count is extremely important in choosing the right layout. A large number of guests would negate a different layout than a small number of guests.

Here are several questions to ask your client before finalizing the layout of an event.

1. Will food be served?

2. What style will the food be served (buffet, family, etc.)?

3. Will cocktails be available prior to meal?

4. How many guests are expected?

5. Will there be a dance floor?

6. Will there be a DJ, live band?

7. Where is the bar stationed in the venue?

8. Will there be a head table, stage, presenter or speaker?

9. What is the age group?

10. Does client want assign seating or guests can choose where to sit?

11. Is the event for business, pleasure or both?

Remember, making your guests comfortable and having an event that is enjoyable is the ultimate goal; weather business or pleasure.

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