Let's Talk Color

Color plays a significant role in the event decorating process. Most clients will have a theme and once a theme and color scheme is selected, the planning process can begin. Color is one of the first aspects guests recognize when entering a space and selecting the right color combinations can be an overwhelming process.

The theme will strongly influence the color scheme chosen. Color trends are always changing and colors are usually chosen due to the seasons, which can impact availability and popularity. It is important to understand which colors and combinations work best at different times of year. ex. a romantic or vintage theme would not work with bright pink or neon colors (get it).

This particular color combo (black and gold) is for a 60th birthday celebration. Black is traditionally know as the color of mourning, however, it is also a solid, grounding and stabilizing color. As an accent or in moderation, black lends a feeling of formality, sophistication and class (my client's objective). It also creates a sense of drama and interest, which makes it a popular choice for evening events and other romantic yet intriguing environments.

Remember, when choosing a color scheme it should and will impact every aspect of your event, from the invitations, florals, table linens, etc. So establish what mood/atmosphere you want to create as you choose your color scheme and have an amazing event.

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