Top 10 questions for prospective caterer

1. How many events are you catering on the same day as mine?

2. Do you charge per guest or per serving of food?

3. What's not included in my quote? Get all additional cost upfront

4. Are gratuity and service charges automatically added to my bill?

( If yes, are staff given a percentage)

5. What's the total servers, waitresses, bartenders? What's the cost for extras?

6. Can I customize my menu or do I have to go with a preset menu?

7. Have you worked at this venue before? Do you need info. for deliveries/equipment needs?

8. What happens if the chef is unable to cook that day? Is a backup in place?

9. How will the staff be dressed? Are they seasoned in the industry?

10. How far in advance will the food be prepared? Week(s), day before, day of?

Note: As a client seeking the skill set of a caterer, event planner, florist, etc. It is your duty to do your research, get references, etc. to choose someone who is an all around professional. You should also do a tasting for your caterer and cake service provider.

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