Pertinent venue questions

With the venue selection being one of the first to do on your check-off list, here are some important questions to ask when selecting a venue for your special occasion event.

- What is the required deposit?

- What's included in the venue fee?

(tables/chairs, linens, security, parking, etc.)

- What is the price range of meal/ buffet? (cost per person)

- What's the charge per hour when starting or ending time needs to be extended?

- Will there be a representative for the venue on staff the day of your event?

- What does the venue agreement say about damages?

- What is the guarantee and cancellation policy?

- Do you need a alcohol permit if alcohol is being provided?

- D you need insurance?

Research at least three venues before making a decision. Visit venues and ask to see pictures, so you can see layout options, ask for references. Speak to someone from the staff to gear how friendly or accommodating they are.

We'll talk about "Food and Beverages" next post.

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