The Right Venue is Key

The venue is the first critical choice that impacts guests directly, by giving them the

"First Impression" upon arrival. (The invitation however sets the tone).

Choosing the right venue for your event style is key.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your venue:

- Location (should include wheelchair access, easy drop-off and pick-up points for cars, taxis, buse, adequate parking).

- Security (for high risk events, fire fighters, paramedics, security may be required. Venue should have fire extinguishers, working fire alarms, first aid kits, power back-up, good mobile phone reception. Always have an emergency plan in place and know where all exits are located).

- Restrictions (Certain venues will/ can have restrictions on decorating (open candles, posters on walls, etc.), photography, video-recording, sale of alcohol, bringing in outside caterers).

- Accommodation (for events being held longer than one day and guests who traveled from afar to attend).

- Colors and Ambience (the theme and style of your event should match the venue. The size of the event will also dictate the facility you will need).

- Additional Services (services such as catering, floral arrangements, audio visual, staging & lighting, transportation and activities for guests).

Make sure you are clear about the rental criteria when renting a venue. Next week, we'll look at the legal considerations when renting a venue.

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