Smash 2016

So we're in day 27 of 2016, and I'm working tirelessly on keeping my focus on improvements in the areas of my life that requires such. One of the things I am committed to is, my daily affirmations, speaking into existence the things I would like to see happen, but always being Happy and Grateful in the present.

One of my main goals is to open my own studio/office. A place where my clients can visit and see the ideas and items that will play a major part in their event on that special day. I visualize this goal everyday and I'm committed to make it happen.

Another goal is to coordinate/plan five weddings for the year, with parties and theme events, completing a very active and vibrant business. To make all this happen, I have decided to up my network activities and to seek a mentor from the industry of wedding and event planning.

There is definitely a feel of action when you put your goals in writing, where you can actually look at it on a daily basis. Next putting the plan in place to start the activities. We can dream But we must also Do! So here's to everyone having an Amazing 2016, lets Smash through to Bigger and Greater things.


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