Have it Your Way...Your Wedding

It's your day and Yes, you can have it your way. Here are several cost saving ideas to make your day great, even though the budget may not be that great.

* Keep your guest list short. A short guest list allows you to have a grand wedding base on

the price per person, centerpieces, rentals, etc.

* Plan your wedding off-season. The time of year influence the cost of your big day. Late fall through early spring can save you up to 25 percent less per person.

* Offer few meal choices. Only one or two entree choices. Sit down, family style services

calls for more food and more servers.

* Scale down the cake. Your guests can still eat cake. Go ahead and get the dream cake,

but order a large sheet cake to accomodate all your guests.

* Use local musicians. Local music schools or colleges have very talented students who can perform during your cocktail hour or ceremony. The price is much lower than hiring a

professional musician.

* Be creative with your floral. For a greater impact, use larger flowers. They may be more

expensive but you won't need as much. Also use what is in season, you'll always get a

great price.

* Curb the drinks. Instead of a open bar, serve wine, beer and of course your "signature


* Say yes to a sample dress. A sample wedding dress can be a bride-to-be dream come

through. November through January, May through June are sample-sale season at

bridal boutiques, where buyers have to make room for the new gowns and inventory.

* Slash your photography cost. Having your wedding on the off season allows you to get

up to 15 percent off (January - April). Also using an associate photographer can save

you substantially, sometimes up to half.

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