Centerpiece ideas


Five ideas for flower centerpieces

1. Use one or two expensive flowers and add less expensive ones as fillers.

2. Instead of the usual roses, calla lilies, gardenias...choose unique flowers for your centerpiece choice; they look like you actually spent more money because people are not use to seeing them.

3. To add height and texture to your centerpieces, use flowering branches. They are very inexpensive but with the addition of string pearls or crystals, you now have a gorgeous masterpiece.

4. By using a range of colored flowers in your centerpieces, it will make a visual impact, verses a monochromatic arrangements which calls for more flowers, which calls for more money.

5. Unique greenery used alongside a smaller number of roses, gardenias, lilies, can give your centerpieces a great contrast. It also gives a clean and natural look.

(To find out which flowers are in season, just ask the florist where you're buying your flowers from).

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