The Venue

You have prepared the guest list, chosen the date and mailed out the invitations for that Glorious day. Now it's time to find the perfect venue to fit all of your guests. You have many choices for selecting a venue besides the traditional venue of a church; here are some possibilities:

An Atrium of a large building

Convention center

Golf and Country club






Historical site and countless more....

Always confirm and get in writing everything that is included in your rental of the venue. Questions to ask:

what/are the additional fees if you go over the hours paid for?

how many personnel are included in the package? (1 personnel per 20 people)

are there any other events scheduled the day of your event and what time?

what are the parking availability and is there a fee?

Bottle fee, cake cutting fee, etc.

can you bring in your own vendors?

are linens included? (can you specify the color you want)

If using a wedding planner, they will work with the venue coordinator to confirm room set-up and everything else needed to have a stress-free event.

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