Why Marry?

Let's talk about "Why Marry?" It is very important that both the prospective bride and groom know why they are choosing to marry. Ask your husband to be, to think about the reasons for wanting to marry you and vice versa. It should be clear, cohesive and the beginning of both of your Vision!!!

Here are some of the reasons people say why they tied the knot.

- We've been together for so long

- I'm getting up there in age

- All my friends are getting married

- He proposed, so I said yes

- We think alike and like the same things

- I love him/her

Just know that your reason "your main intention," for wanting to marry is one of the main building blocks of uniting in marriage. So share your intention with your partner, talk about it and both of you should be cohesive in your wanting to spend eternal bliss together. A clear intention also helps with the planning of the wedding.

to be continued

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